Ready to start building your AI toolkit?
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A New Way to Generate with AI
Teach AI your concepts then use any prompt to render images and media.
First of its Kind
Fiction is the first personal AI platform for professionals
Combine Concepts
Just a few clicks to train and use multi-concept AI models.
Advanced AI, No Coding
Built for people that pay attention to details, but don't want to code.
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What Makes Us Human
Explore The Impossible
Video Walkthrough
How It Works
Step 1:
Launch Your Dedicated AI Server
All the magic happens on a custom server built just for you. Your own high performance AI engine.
Step 2:
Train Your Model(s)
Training models used to be tough, not anymore! Fiction allows you to point-and-click your way to a trained model in seconds.
Step 3:
Render Photos and Media
With your custom models you can now render photos and videos of your concepts. You won't believe what the AI can do.
Step 4:
Share Your Galleries and Collections
Select the best photos and videos for your collections. Share your galleries with friends and colleagues.
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AI Avatars the Professional Way
Create avatars in as many styles as you can imagine. Create collections and share them.
Combine Concepts
Merge and combine concepts to create new and useful results. Combine faces, styles, and motifs to expand your creativity.
Inpainting, Outpainting, Animation
Your AI server comes with Stable Diffusion WebUI pre-installed. It's a powerful tool for inpainting, outpainting, and animation.
Full Access to Your Files, Media, and Models
Fiction provides you with a file browser to access your media and models. You can also upload and download files.
Avatar Showcase
Here are the latest avatars shared by Fiction users
Turn Imagination into Reality
Fiction is free to try, and you can cancel at any time.