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Host Policies

What are landlord policies?

The landlord policies are conditions required by the landlords for tenants who wish to rent one of their properties. These policies could range from an extra fee requirement, a specific clause in the rental contract or the amount of the deposit. These requirements have been chosen and set by the landlord and therefore they are non-negotiable. Tenants who book the property agree with these conditions.

Is Local Registration possible?

If you need to register yourself officially at the property in order to have access to social services like healthcare, or for other purposes, such as residence permits, you need to mention it in the Booking process, under the section “Please tell us about you and where you will study or work”, as not every landlord allows this.

Can I ask for Rental Assistance?

Normally most landlords do not mind if you ask for rental assistance while you are renting their properties.

Nevertheless, it is necessary that you specify that you have this need during the Booking process, under the section “Please tell us about you and where you will study or work”.

Are overnight guests allowed?

Unless it is otherwise stated in the ad, normally visits are okay as long as they are short and sporadic.

Nevertheless, you always need to double check with the landlord and your roommates to make sure they are okay with it and if there are any fees for having them at the property.

Are couples allowed in the properties?

In case you are a couple looking for accommodation, you need to bear in mind that some properties, especially rooms in shared properties, might not allow couples. Therefore, you need to read the suitabilities of each property.

If you want to only see properties which allow couples, you just need to use the “couples” filter when conducting the accommodation search.

Mid-term and summer tenancy agreements

Fiction reminds its users to carefully read through their tenancy agreements, and be extra careful with mid-term and summer tenancy agreements, as they may include special clauses in regard to their booking conditions. These shall be the only cases in which price and condition modifications may diverge from the original information.

Please, take into consideration that Fiction is not a party to any of these agreements and therefore is not obliged to provide assistance for issues that arise in these cases.