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Finding Accomodation

What information can I see on the listings?

Each rentable unit (room, studio or apartment) has its own listing where you can see:

What is the total amount I will have to pay for my stay?

In order to calculate the total amount, you need to take into consideration the following:

After this, you are ready to sum it all up and you’ll see exactly how much you will spend for the accommodation for your stay dates!

Who do I pay my rent/deposit/fees to?

In order to book with us, you need to authorize the payment of the first month’s rent plus the booking fee. Once the booking is accepted we will proceed to capture this payment. The first month’s rent will be transferred to the landlord 48 business hours after you move in.

After the first month, you will pay the rent to the landlord directly using the payment method described in the “Landlord Policies” section of the ad. The deposit, as well as any other fees required by the Landlord, will also be paid directly to the Landlord and not through Fiction.

Is there a minimum/maximum stay in each property?

Yes. The minimum/maximum stay can be found next to the monthly price section, right under the pictures. Minimum stay dates will always be for at least 1 month (30 days), and maximum stay (if applicable) can be for years in some properties, but bear in mind that each landlord has their own rules so please check this information for each property you are interested in.

What is the minimum stay?

Fiction is a mid-to-long-term online rental platform, thus the minimum stay for most of our properties starts at 30 days. You can find the minimum stay for each specific property right below the calendar and above the “general info” section.

How and where can I check the availability for a property?

In order to see if a property is available for the period of your stay, you need to look at the green and red calendar that appears right below the description of the property. Furthermore, below this, you can check the minimum and maximum stay of this property.

Can I get in touch with the previous tenants of the room/property that I am renting?

Due to our clients’ privacy policy and data protection regulations, we are unable to put you in contact with them directly or give you information regarding their stay. If you have any questions you can contact our Customer Service Specialists at [email protected] or in the live chat on our web page.

How much are utilities each month?

he cost of utilities varies by country and type of property (you will pay more if you rent a flat than if you rent a bedroom in a shared apartment). If you are renting a shared apartment, the bills will be normally equally divided among everyone living there.

Nevertheless bear in mind that the amount may vary depending on the landlord policies or on how many people are living at the property at any given time, the time of the year and the type of property.

You can have a pretty good idea of how much you’ll spend by doing some research online. You should look up the price of electricity, water, gas, and Internet in the city you are moving to as well.

What is the amount of the deposit?

The amount of the deposit is, in most cases, equivalent to a month’s rent. However, it may vary depending on the landlord. Please check the Landlord Policies Section in each ad to find the specific deposit required by the landlord.

Why are the availabilities sometimes incorrect?

Fiction is a platform that helps to manage thousands of landlords and their properties. We are not an exclusive service for landlords, so sometimes they may rent their properties independently of us and do not update their availability on time. We do our best to keep our availabilities up to date and maintain regular contact with our landlords to minimize these situations.

Nevertheless, in case you book a property whose availability was incorrect, do not worry, your booking agent will show you similar options that adjust to your preferences. In case you do not like any of these preferences, your payment authorization will be voided in full.

What if the landlord and I don’t speak the same language?

Fiction will facilitate the booking process for you with the landlord, so you don’t need to speak the same language! Furthermore, if you have serious communication issues after the booking has been confirmed you can contact us at [email protected] and we will try our best to help you.

Who will I be sharing the apartment with?

Most of our tenants are young people, both male and female, usually aged from 20 to 35, students and professionals, both local and foreigners. However, Fiction is open to other profiles, such as families or couples. In any case, you can select the type of profiles of the other tenants with whom you want to share your new home by using our filter “suitabilities”.

Furthermore, you can also ask our Customer Service by sending an email to [email protected] or via the live chat on our website.

What language is the contract in?

The contract is in the language of the country in which you are making the booking.

What is a verified property?

A verified property is a property that has been visited personally by a Fiction team member. Our runners are the ones who take the pictures, make the videos and create the floor plans.

We don’t use secondhand materials, we create them all based on what the runner has seen in person.

Why are some properties unverified?

Fiction’s policy is to only work with trustworthy landlords that we know will meet our quality requirements. If a property is not yet verified it is most likely that it belongs to someone we have been working with for a long time or to bigger property managers in the city.

I am interested in a property but I want to see more pictures

All the pictures and videos that we have from the property are already included in the ad. We try to constantly update the listings and their pictures.

If you have any concerns about the property you can contact us in the live chat on our website and we will be happy to help you.