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Listing Your Property

If one of my rooms/properties becomes available what do I need to do?

If one of your rooms/ flats becomes available, you can update the information on your landlord panel. We highly advise you to use this platform in order to secure more bookings for your property.

If you have problems accessing your panel, you can always contact us by using one of the phone numbers for landlords included in this page: and we will help you change it.

Why do the ads stay on the website even after I have accepted a booking?

Even though you have accepted a booking and your property is rented for a period of time, it will remain published on our website, but with the correct availability updated, so that tenants are able to book it for the period when the property is available again.

How do I know when the ad is published?

Once we have published your property on our website, you will receive a confirmation email. In that email, you will also find the instructions to access your landlord panel, where you will be able to manage your property.

You should save both this email and the link, as this is where you should manage the availabilities of your properties.

How long until the information is on the website?

From the moment we take the pictures and video of your property, it normally takes us 24 business hours to publish it on our website.

If you have any questions about this process or you can’t see the final ad on the website, you can contact us by using one of the phone numbers for landlords included in this page:

I already have photos of my apartment why do I need more?

One of the main policies of Fiction is to check the property before we list it on the website so that your future tenants have the most updated and accurate information without visiting your property in person.

By having our professionals take photos of your property (at no cost to you) you are helping us advertise your property with the quality of a truly professional listing!

Am I the one who determines the rental price of my property?

Yes, in Fiction it is always the landlord who determines the price of the rentable unit, whether it is a flat or rooms in a shared property.

If you wish to change your price after the property has been published on our site, you can contact one of our agents and they will share with you their expertise and will help you with the modification.

Our specialized department will always try to help you and give you the best advice to manage your property. You can contact them by using one of the phone numbers for landlords included in this page:

What information does the property checker need from the landlord?

The property checker will ask for basic information about the flat such as the price of the monthly rent, along with more detailed information such as: if couples are allowed to rent, if there is an independent key for the room, whether utilities are included or not, etc.

You can feel free to inform him/her on any specific requirements or conditions you wish to have included in the listing of your property.

What will the property checker do?

The property checker will ask you some questions about the house and your requirements and conditions. He/She will take pictures of the properties, and will make a short video explaining the main features and rooms of the properties.

The property checker will draw the floorplan of the apartment as well.

How can I advertise my flat on the website?

If you wish to advertise your property on our website, please fill out the form in the following link . One of our experts will contact you as soon as possible to inform you on the process and our conditions.